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Call Allan T. Griffith today at 239-703-8859, or browse our website for more information regarding Bankruptcy, Family Law and Wills /Trusts. If you have any other questions or comments, please contact me.

Family Lawyer North Fort Myers

Many family cases in the North Fort Myers area require difficult hearings to ascertain a client's rights. At Allan T. Griffith P.A., we have handled family cases and know how to advocate at court hearings for your rights. Allan T. Griffith P.A. may encompass difficult legal concepts, but we still know how to treat people with everyday respect.

At Allan T. Griffith P.A., we understand that our client's deserve expedient answers to their family questions. Another integral part of our client services at Allan T. Griffith P.A. is the ethical practice of the law. No aspect of your family case in North Fort Myers will be unnecessary, and we will never run up your bill with frivolous services. 

In every case that we handle at Allan T. Griffith P.A., we try to bring about the most timely and efficient end possible. If it is not possible to attain this, then we shift our gears toward providing smart, aggressive and efficient representation to our North Fort Myers clients during their family case.

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